Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Short Story "The Bell Curve" Part Two

Krista drove a red 1969 Volkswagen Beatle, it went so well with her red hair and thrift store clothes. Sometimes her and her friends would drive around town with the top down wearing only their bra's. She was great at pushing her behavior just past normal, just far enough to show you her inner disfunction or pain or what ever it was that drove her to make sure everyone saw her. She shocked me too when she sat me down and explained to me how many guys she had slept with before turning 17. My number at the time was zero and being that we were the same age I felt an instant rush of overwhelming insecurity and fear. I knew we were going to have sex soon and it scared the hell out of me. I would have to be taught, shown my mistakes, like a child in her adult world.


  1. i love the innocence and sentamentality of the mc's voice in juxtaposition with the wild nature of the object of his desire. :)

  2. Again I felt like I related to the emotions even in situation where I haven't quite had the same experience.

  3. I completely agree with both these sentiments. I can relate to this guy's feelings, right away, even if I've never had this exact experience.